f2b0my first knits cafe at Brentano's in Opera. it started at 10:30 and i got there around 10:45. already a lot of people and few chairs available. i finally settled down and looked around what the people were knitting. some are crocheting, some are knitting for their kids or even a cat! i took my half-way through glove to knit here. since i finished a glove for my right hand, i was really reluctant to knit the other one, so i thought this knits cafe would be the one which makes me finish my first "finished" gloves. but i was too busy to exchange kntting info with other knitters so i could only knit for my little finger! this pair of gloves still has a looooong way to go. a bientot a tricot cafe le 8 avril chez Brentano's.