25 avril 2006

Bamboo yarn

I've bought a bamboo yarn at La Droguerie recently. Its very fluid and soft but haven't knit anything yet. Someone already tested? J'ai récemment acheté le fil en bambou à la Droguerie. Il est très très doux et très fluid. Quelqu'un a déjà tricoté en bambou? Quel a été le resultat?
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10 avril 2006

My coton yarn phobia

Like many of knitters, I largely prefer to knit in wool. In fact, I have a very little experience to have knit in coton. But I have been knitting in coton for these couple of weeks but it doesn't put me in the mood. Firstly, coton yarn inspires me very little. Secondly, something knit in coton yarn aren't useful as long as you live in Europe where winter is long and severe. Having said that, I'm rather pragmatic for knitting. But I would like to conqure my coton phobia one way or another, so I have been looking for a good pattern... [Lire la suite]
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08 avril 2006

Dangerous zone

Second experience of knits café at Brentano's.We were less packed today.I settled down just in front of a shelf full of knitting books.I took a look at a couple of them from the shelf.Two books caught my eyes and I almost bought them but resisted this time,but I cracked at home.I finally ordered the books to Amazon UK.From now on,I have to try not to look at knitting book shelf at Bretano's(impossible?).This is quite a dangerous place for me.Next knits café will take place next Saturday 15 April. References of books I ordered ... [Lire la suite]
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05 avril 2006

Another knitting day in Maison Bleu

Spent a good knitting afternoon at Maison Bleu again.Next session will be 25 April 2006.It seemed everyone indulged themselves with my chocolate cake(Don't worry,it's 100% organic). Un autre après-midi tricot à la Maison Bleu.La prochaine journée tricot sera le 25 avril 2006.On dirait que tout le monde a aimé mon gâteau au chocolat(Mais ne vous inquiétez pas,il est 100% bio).
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